It’s time for our End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign! Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! Become a Women Rising supporter and help the farming commence.

With the perimeter fence nearly complete around the farm’s first hectare, it is time to initiate the next phase – a short-term, comprehensive research project. But, we need your help to raise $6,000.

As soon as the rainy season is over, with your support, a small cadre of women from the three villages closest to the farm will come together to grow food, and collaborate to fill knowledge gaps on crops, the soil, water access, tools and cooperative production.

This six-month project is a mini-pilot that will answer key questions about infrastructure and systems to help us strategically plan the larger 1-hectare pilot, on which the full-scale Women Rising model will be based. As students of organizational development, Women Rising leadership understands the need to “get it right.” Your contribution and your willingness to spread the word about this important project will help us do just that!

Help us turn food insecurity into food abundance! Our Goal is $6,000, but every contribution can help. Here’s how your dollars can make a difference:

  • $450 will enable us to purchase tools, seeds and supplies. (We are also working to get companies to donate many of these items)
  • $375 will cover three months of project management
  • $300 will help support one woman for six months while she works the land to grow food for herself and her family
  • $200 will cover cellular data to allow communications with the women
  • $100 will support transportation costs to and from the farm
  • Every donation of any amount will make a difference!

We hope you’ll join us in this effort AND spread the word to your networks!