We’ve made good progress towards our fundraising goal! Just $3,500 to go!

With the help of our end-of-year donors, Women Rising made a great start toward realizing the next step in our journey. We are well on the way to our $6,000 goal (newly revised with expanding the number of women) so that by the end of the rainy season in April, women will actually be safely growing food on the Women Rising hectare. We can almost call it a FARM!

As we noted in our December post, this first foray into growing food is as much a research project as a crop production one. There is so much to learn to ensure that all elements and farming processes are economical, effective, and sustainable.

The women of the surrounding villages, especially the elders, will be our teachers about the traditional farming ways, so rich in knowledge of the climate and land. We will bring them new low-cost approaches to enrich the soil, introduce new crops, extend the season, and preserve foods. (We already have emerging plans for basic structures, pedal power, solar food drying and cooking, and composting!)

And, together, we will collaborate to create the sound, cooperative and resilient governance structure that will carry Women Rising to the next level – as a functioning organization ready for NGO designation in the DR Congo.

Thank you to those who have already donated. For others- please consider contributing now, so that the Women Rising mini-pilot research project can launch. Help us turn food insecurity into food abundance!

We need just $3,500 more!!

  • $450 will enable us to purchase tools, seeds and supplies. (We are also working to get companies to donate many of these items) 
  • $375 will cover three months of project management
  • $300 will help support one woman for six months while she works the land to grow food for herself and her family.
  • $200 will cover cellular data to allow communications with the women.
  • $100 will support transportation costs to and from the farm
  • Every donation of any amount will make a difference!