As we launch the Women Rising Project into 2022, we first take a moment to celebrate the many gains of 2021.

  • Completed the bridge over the river for nearly year-round access to the parcel! Throughout most of 2021, the farming cohort, fence builders and patrollers have been able to access the farm without having to cross neighbors’ lands. This bridge was constructed of the trees that were downed during the land grab of 2019, when we almost lost our hectare.
  • Established and managed a cohort of 9 farmers and 3 elders from the surrounding 3 villages to plan, break ground, cultivate, tend and harvest more than 250 kilos of fresh vegetables! This was a huge victory, after all the diligence, patience and faith our Leadership Team provided. (See photos in our previous posts!)
  • Nearly completed the woven & barbed wire fence around the hectare! Our DRC-based Project Leader, Kasuu, had to split her time between the fence building management and farming cohort management; but, big gains were made. We will christen the completed fence in February!
  • Raised 92% of the mini-pilot budget and began tapping into foundation support to take us to the next level of operations! A Project must first get established and demonstrate commitment and accomplishments before even the smaller foundations feel ready to invest. With all the on-the-ground progress, made possible by generous individual donors and our fiscal sponsort, Women Rising has crossed that threshold. Watch for news on this front in coming weeks and months!

Now, while the rains are soaking the thirsty soil, Women Rising is busy planning for the 2022 growing season and building the leadership and governance for the DRC-based NGO. This is an exciting time, especially given the solidarity and support our community of villages now has for the Women Rising Project. A transformation is taking place in the hearts and minds and bodies of the people of this region. Thanks, as always, for the encouragement and dollars from our supporters!