Guiding Principles

  • Women’s autonomy and empowerment should be recognized and embraced as part of the belief system, values, and functioning of the community. 
  • Women thrive with respect, safety, empowerment and opportunity
  • Thriving women build healthy lives for themselves and their families and strengthen their communities
  • For these principles to be realized, women of the DR Congo must have a pathway from their current reality, and new structures to support their journey.

Women Rising Key Components

  • Representative and collaborative governance
  • A fenced and patrolled operating farm, owned in perpetuity by Women Rising Legacy Project
  • Collective stewardship, supported by education, training, and mentorship
  • Social enterprise to ensure sustainability

Our Primary Goal 2016-2026

  • To establish a women-governed, not-for-profit organization – Women Rising Legacy Project – that secures and protects, in perpetuity, 200 hectares of land in the Lubumbashi area of the DR Congo for the exclusive use of its women members.
  • To provide its women members the means to safely and collectively establish and steward their own successful agricultural and related cooperative enterprises, in a manner that enhances health and livelihoods and honors and protects the environment