• In Gratitude!
    In Gratitude!
  • Exciting Fall Update!
    Dear Friends and Supporters of Women Rising – Welcome to our Fall Update! Yes, it has been quite a while since we last posted on our critical work in the DRC, and there is so much exciting news to share. Please read on to learn about all our recent accomplishments. Accomplishments to date The 9 women farmers wrapped up the highly successful first year of food production (April 2021-April 2022) on the first Women Rising hectare, harvesting more than 1,300 pounds of food, which was shared among their 3 villages! Completed our comprehensive mini pilot evaluation. We are using this … Continue reading Exciting Fall Update!
  • Sharing the Joys
    We are thrilled to share this photo and the video below! One of the joys of doing the Women Rising work is being able to see the direct impact that a small act of kindness can create in the lives of others. Last year, many of you help fund our mini-pilot research project. Thanks to your support, the women involved have been cultivating the land and harvesting crops, making it possible for them to feed their families and share with their communities. More than 550 pounds of food have been a huge boon in helping ease hunger across 3 villages! … Continue reading Sharing the Joys
  • Celebrating & Moving Forward
    As we launch the Women Rising Project into 2022, we first take a moment to celebrate the many gains of 2021. Completed the bridge over the river for nearly year-round access to the parcel! Throughout most of 2021, the farming cohort, fence builders and patrollers have been able to access the farm without having to cross neighbors’ lands. This bridge was constructed of the trees that were downed during the land grab of 2019, when we almost lost our hectare. Established and managed a cohort of 9 farmers and 3 elders from the surrounding 3 villages to plan, break ground, … Continue reading Celebrating & Moving Forward
  • My recent visit to the Women Rising Parcel
    Dear friends, colleagues and supporters, It is with great joy and much excitement that I share the firsthand experience of my visit to the Women Rising parcel in the Congo. A month and half ago, I had the privilege to visit my family in the DR Congo and to visit the farmland and meet with some of the women who are part of our small cohort for the mini-pilot project. As many of you might recall (and thanks in large part to your support) we started farming the land this past Spring. The mini-pilot was part of our research effort … Continue reading My recent visit to the Women Rising Parcel