The Women Rising Framework for Change uses what is known as the D V F > R model, adapted from C. Dannemiller and R. Lippett.

In this model: 

  • D stand for Dissatisfaction a group is experiencing = the Current Reality
  • V stands for the Vision of an inspiring alternative = the Desired Reality
  • F stands for First Steps that must be taken to realize the Vision
  • R stands for the Resistance that must be overcome to realize the Vision

In this model, D x V x F works as a multiplying effect. If there is zero in any of these elements, the Resistance will always be greater and the change will fail. There must also be a critical mass of individuals who share the D, V and F, in order for the R to be overcome and the change to occur.

Women Rising – Using this model to create change

Dissatisfaction: Women of the DRC experience enormous dissatisfaction with the conditions they face on a daily basis (see DRC Story). This is the Current Reality

  • They and their children often go hungry, and their children suffer from malnutrition
  • They live in fear, subject to violence by men, and without hope for accountability 
  • They have little or no access to land or livelihoods

Resistance: Women of the DRC face enormous Resistance to change that is not of their own making. Societal realities keep their current reality firmly in place. These are:

  • Laws that limit women’s ability to own land in their own names
  • Beliefs that women should be subservient to men  
  • Laws and customs that limit women’s ownership of money and goods
  • Mindsets that women’s roles should be limited to caring for men and being singularly responsible for the care of their children 
  • Mindsets and norms that limit women’s access to health care, education and progress in society

Vision & First Steps

Women Rising brings what has been missing – A concrete Vision of an inspiring alternative and viable First Steps. Through these, Women Rising is manifesting the critical mass required to overcome the Resistance in its regional community.

  • Vision – Desired Reality
    • Land tenure that is secure and protects 200 hectares in perpetuity
    • Opportunities and support that allow the women to create sustainable lives for themselves and their families
  • First Steps
    • A DRC-based women-owned and governed NGO
    • Protected farmland owned by the Women Rising NGO – starting with one fenced and patrolled hectare
    • Collaborative governance by the women of Women Rising
    • Collective stewardship, production and marketing
    • Education, technology and mentoring to build enterprise skills

Realizing the Change

Utilizing this Framework for Change, Women Rising will launch a new Reality, and make it possible for women of this region to forge a new destiny for themselves and their families.